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Online Safety

It's important to make sure you stay safe when using on an online dating site. At TheAffairSite, we take safety and privacy extremely seriously. We check profiles and make sure that all our members are genuine.

Even so, below are a few tips to ensure your safety when using an affairs website.

Advice On Keeping Your Affair Secret

Don't Divulge Too Much

The most important piece of advice we can give you is to limit how much detail about your life you put out in the public domain. Your spouse's name, your place of employment... these are details that don't need to be disclosed in order to have an enjoyable affair!

Be Sure Before You Meet

AWhilst our members are naturally cautious about telling too much about their lives, you should make sure you feel confident about the person you are going to meet. You could also tell a friend where you will be, before you go (assuming you have a friend you can trust to know this secret!).

Clear Your Web History

For obvious reasons, you need to hide your browsing history. You can either clear it after each session, or some browsers offer 'private browsing' that automatically keep your browsing anonymous. Alternatively, you can access TheAffairSite from your mobile phone.

At The Affair Site, we do not share member data with third parties or divulge any members' identities. Secrecy is the most important factor in a successful confidential affairs dating site. We want you to feel confident that we are discreet, legitimate, and professional.