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How To Have An Affair

There are certain etiquettes and rules you should follow before embarking on a married affair.

Below you will find a cheater's checklist, with tips and advice to help you embark on an affair discreetly. Make sure you pay attention to it: slipping up on any one of these rules will end up with you getting caught sooner or later. Respect the game!

Use a Second Mobile Phone

A spare mobile phone is absolutely critical, and make sure you set pin protection on the phone. This is the most common flaw in many cheaters' execution.

Cover Stories

Working late at the office has been overused so be sure to think of better excuses for why you were late home.

Use Protection

Always use protection with the bit on the side. This is so obvious that we shouldn't need to tell you, but some people really do forget this. Don't put yours or your spouse's health at risk.

Shower Before Home Time

Avoid being caught with a different person's perfume or aftershave on you - make sure you shower thoroughly before returning to the family home.

Don't soil the Family Home

Never ever conduct any part of your affair in the marital home, no matter how much the risk might excite you. It's risky and it's disrespectful.

Understand The Risks

It's important you are honest with yourself and plan for the worst case scenario: if you are found out what you may lose. Know the risks and only proceed with the affair if you have thought out the implications.